DARKO SRNKA WRITES… “Serving Christ isn’t easy and it’s often a fight against the waves, in caring for the lost and weeping… sometimes when we see the hungry and the weak, we remember Jesus’ words – “Give them something to eat.” And other times we meet people who only want to use us. Walking on the water requires faith and a clear view of Christ…”  CLICK HERE TO READ ON

Camp for Teenagers…

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Darko S. along with the CEF team ran an amazing camp for teenagers in the HUB Bible School building last month.  Here are some photographs of the action!

A Camp for Young People at the Bible School in Belgrade

Before the new term of studies begins at the Bible School, Darko S. who serve on the CEF team with Darko and Lidija, will be leading a camp using the Bible School building.  He has specific points that he would like us to pray about – please click here to read his message!

The latest news from Darko Srnka

Darko has been in touch with very encouraging news from the camps through the summer!

“This summer I was involved in summer-camp activities… I would love to share some of the experiences with you.”

Click here to read on! Darko Newsletter – DEC 2011