News from Darijo and Sanja

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SOZO Stage 2013


Dear friends thank you for your selfless support, prayers and encouragement. Last couple of months we were the witnesses of God’s great move. He showed us great things and taught us to trust His lead and to relay on His power.   Read On SOZO Festival 2013 Darijo

Dario’s News Letter Summer 2012

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support

I have great joy to share with you exciting news about the activities I have been involved this summer, first SOZO festival in Serbia Novi Sad, outstanding Nick Vujicic campaign from my angle and some great family news…  READ ON: Dario’s News Letter Summer 2012

News from Serbian Worship Musician, Dario…

Dario’s CD project

I was thinking about the messages in songs I have written and all of this encouraged me to take some concrete steps concerning recording of my CD.  I feel that now is the time.  Together with Igor Kis, friend, musician and music producer from another church we have made first pilot recording this week . When I sung to him my latest song he was excited and immediately had an idea of how the song should sound. My plan is to record at the same time both Serbian and English version of my songs.

Please pray for this project…

My hope and desire is that by promoting this CD, I will have a chance to visit many churches in region, encourage believers, organize evangelism meetings, meet leaders who are in worship ministry and build a network of leaders for future school of worship, and some other projects.

To read much more from Dario, including news of the growing church, please click here to read his full letter:  Dario’s News Letter Summer 2010