Vesna shares the latest news from “Choose Life” in Serbia

News from Choose Life Center Summer 2013There are great developments with “Izaberi Zivot” – the work that Vesna and team have been developing as they try to support those with  “crisis pregnancies”.


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18 new students in the 18th generation of the HUB Bible school.


Sladjan and Jaroslava write…

Dear friends, brothers and sisters,

18 new students in the 18th generation of the HUB Bible school. What a great start! Praise God for the good work that He is doing.

Please keep praying for this ministry. It is great to see these wonderful people from Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia who are eager to get to know God better through the Scriptures.

An amazing year of fellowship, experience, joy and studying is ahead of them, and us in the team will have a privilege to serve them and be a part of what God does here.

Thank you for your prayers. God is faithful! God is good!

Yours in Christ,

Sladjan and Jaroslava Milenkovic with the HUB team and HUB students

News from Darijo and Sanja

sozo-2013-baner-facebook english

SOZO Stage 2013


Dear friends thank you for your selfless support, prayers and encouragement. Last couple of months we were the witnesses of God’s great move. He showed us great things and taught us to trust His lead and to relay on His power.   Read On SOZO Festival 2013 Darijo