YA68 – Oak Hall in the Balkans Wednesday

Today we drove from Sarajevo towards the East passing over the mountains towards the River Drina. At Zvornik we crossed into Serbia and then drove north to Ruma.

In Ruma we met Drago and Jaroslava along with Pero. Drago and Pero shared with us about the way that Jesus Christ has freed them from their heroine addiction. Now planting a church in this city, this dynamic team are connecting with others who have struggled with the same kinds of traps – and are pointing them towards the liberation that Jesus can bring…

Two more hours East and we reached Belgrade and the Bible School. Brilliant to be welcomed by Sladjan and the team…

Here are a few shots from our day:




One Response to “YA68 – Oak Hall in the Balkans Wednesday”

  1. Mervyn Roberts Says:

    It was REALLY good to see Dragan again after two years. Great to see how he / they are moving with the times with the exciting Internet cafe. Also good to meet Pero and hear his inspiring story. Thanks too for your hopitality. “Hvala na gostoprimstvu”

    Many blessings on you all and your families as you continue this valuable work in the Lord.

    All the best


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