Dear Friends,
I just wanted a few sentences and images to present you as the Lord of our wonderfully blessed weekend.
On Friday, we had help from students from the HUB, we did not waste  time, we immediately went to the division of flyers for correspondence Bible course and then had a joint workshop with the members of the association in patients with cerebral palsy, it was wonderful to see the students enjoying themselves together with these wonderful people.
Saturday was our main day, throughout the day we had an open evangelism in the city center, it is a celebration, clothes, books, plays for children, friendship bracelets …

















I am very glad that myfriends Dejan and Mark (who usually come in a group home) were with us all day.                   The whole action was definitely the glory of God, but on this occasion we have once again demonstrated the love of God through the collection of money for little Tamara who is suffering from cancer and in need of money for an operation in Russia, this gave a very positive view of all Protestant Christians , people are quite happy to take our New Testament and gave his money to the Tamara!

The weekend is over, the students returned to school, but we stayed richer for another evangelism and (we believe) for at least one more to rescued soul. Praise the Lord!
It remains to please and serve well, and we invite you to continue with your valuable prayers for God’s kingdom, and that in Kraljevo,
your family Gecan

3 Responses to “Evangelism-Hub-Kraljevo”

  1. Clive Jones Says:

    Praise the Lord for this wonderful testimony and I pray results of eternal value will be seen. Yours in Jesus, Clive.

  2. Karen Hudson Says:

    Hey Jovica, good to hear your news. Sounds like an amazing weekend. Every blessing, Andy and Karen xx

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