The latest news from Darko Srnka

Darko has been in touch with very encouraging news from the camps through the summer!

“This summer I was involved in summer-camp activities… I would love to share some of the experiences with you.”

Click here to read on! Darko Newsletter – DEC 2011

One Response to “The latest news from Darko Srnka”

  1. james and gill pollock Says:

    It is wonderful to read about the summer camps for children and youth that Darko Srnka has been involved in. It is also great to hear about the children’s and young people’s groups that meet more regularly. It is even more wonderful that Darko is willing to visit all these young people once a month to encourage them in their faith. What a job! We hope you get some willing helpers. It is absolutely brilliant that young people have given their lives to God through the outreach.
    We have met Darko on past trips to Serbia and we are glad he is being given the strength to carry on faithfully.

    Our Christian love and prayers

    Gill and James Pollock

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