News from Darko and Lidija as a Summer of Children Camps and Training Begin…







Last week, the Oak Hall “Taste of Mission” Team spent three days with Darko and Lidija helping to prepare the children’s camp for the summer programme.

They shared with us the needs that remained for them to be able to finally purchase the camp ground.  Many of us prayed for them.  Together we can now praise God that the purchase was successfully completed on the 1st July.  This is wonderful news and the camp ground in their ownership will bring blessing to thousands of children in the years to come…

Just before the purchase deadline, Darko and Lidija wrote this news: Prayer June 2011 – Darko and Lidija (Click to open)



4 Responses to “News from Darko and Lidija as a Summer of Children Camps and Training Begin…”

  1. James Pollock Says:

    Hallo to you both….My learning of your language is long over due and so I write in English. Gillian and I were dissapointed not to visit you this year but we follwed as best we could via all the blogs and mails.Your face along with Darkos and many others aswell as the team at the Bible college are familiar to us now and we praye God’s great blessing on you and your work for His kingdom.

  2. Mervyn Roberts Says:

    SO glad that the finance came in. This reflects your faith and also God’s goodness in blessing you and those you serve in this ministry.

    It was incredible to have been just a small part of the camp preparations a couple of weeks ago and to be able to picture Mrcajevski so that I can continue to hold you all in my prayers.

    Many blessings to you all (and thank you Lidija for the delicious kafa!)

    with love from England,


  3. Jenny Blake Says:

    Yes, I shared the activities which we carried out on the campsite with my church home group last night and it was great to relive the memories. We, as a group, will be praying for the Children’s Camps this summer and beyond. Thank you so much for such a good time and lovely cooking. Hvala.

  4. howard taylor Says:

    Congratulations on the campsite purchase.

    i look forward to hearing how the summer camps went.

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