TIM & CHRISTINE: “The Countryside of Central Serbia”


From the back of our minibus, Tim and Christine write…

“Having just sung ‘How Great Thou Art’ it has been very fitting to travel through this serene Serbian countryside.

“Looking at the beautiful lakes of Sumadija you can’t help but get a sense of the wonder of God’s creation. The blue sky and vast fields reflect the gentile pace of Serbian life.”


2 Responses to “TIM & CHRISTINE: “The Countryside of Central Serbia””

  1. jamespollock1James Pollock Says:

    Awsome….each trip is a bit different…..enjoying being kept up to date.

  2. James Pollock Says:

    To all on the 2011 Serbian Mission Trip from Oak Hall…….have a blessed time and we are enjoying keeping up to date via the blog and other mail slots……praying for you Andy.

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