Meet the Fifteenth Generation of Bible School Students

Last week I went to teach at the Bible School in Belgrade…  The fifteenth generation of students are an amazing group of people.  Please click below to hear them introduce themselves in this three minute video…

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“Happy Christmas” and the Latest News from Sladjan and Jaroslava…

“Here we are at the end of 2010 and as it is always the case when we stop at the end of a certain period of time and look back we can see God’s magnificent deeds and His guidance…” 

To read all of the latest news from Sladjan, Jaroslava and the Bible School Team and students, please click here.

News from the Earthquake Zone in Kraljevo – Jovica writes…

Jovica on a roof with an improvised crane.

“I’d like to share with you what has happened here in Kraljevo. 

“We planned that five people would come for five days.  SIXTEEN people come for TWO WEEKS!  We’ve worked in SEVENTEEN locations repairing roofs, walls and chimneys.

“This has all had a great impact and been much appreciated in the area…

“I am sending some pictures!”

– Jovica

On the roofs above Kraljevo, a team of sixteen helped to prepare the damaged houses for the winter.A new roof takes shape.

A new roof takes shape.