HUB Prayer Bulletin Summer 2010 – the Latest News from the Bible School

Fourteenth Generation Graduates!


The latest prayer-fuelling bulletin from HUB is released!

The graduates of the fourteenth generation of the Bible School are now in cities, towns and villages across the Balkans.  They are running children’s clubs, supporting their home churches, talking to neighbours…  

There’s more to read in the new prayer bulletin – written just before the Oak Hall group reached Belgrade, it’s full of the exciting plans that the team have for the summer… 

Please click here: HUB Prayer Bulletin – July 2010  – feel free to print and send this on to others… 

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Please read on…

Just in case you haven’t yet – to catch a glimpse of the recent massive Oak Hall journey through the Balkans, read on down below this post on the blog… we’d be delighted if you could join us next time! 

We praise God for your prayerful partnership!

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