A “Chance” Meeting on the Motorway – a Family Takes a Massive Step of Faith.

Driving down the main highway between Belgrade and Nis, we suddenly see a figure standing in the hard shoulder.  He’s waving his arms as though trying to land a helicopter.  As the bus flies pass, we catch a glimpse of the face of Jovica – graduate of the Bible School.

Moments later, his car is beside us and he signals through the window.  We agree to pull over at the next service station…

Standing on the verge beside the coach, all of us listen as he is translated through the coach microphone.  Kaca – his wife – stands beside him along with their children.  We are amazed to hear that this is the day his family, after a lifetime of living in the relative comfort of the North, are taking the massive step of moving to the spiritually barren South to help to plant a church.

Jovica and Kaca – several years earlier – studied for a year at the Bible College.  The course takes students through the whole of the Bible in a year and is very practical – our prayer is that through it, men and women will grow in their knowledge of God and be prepared by Him to reach their communities.  (Read more about it at www.OakHall.org.uk on the links at the top of the pages…)

With deep emotion, Jovica and his family listen to our prayers for them all.  Jovica, Kaca and the children seem deeply encouraged that God should arrange for this meeting.  It is the one day that an Oak Hall coach is travelling down this road – it coincides with the one most momentous day that this family ventures to take this massive step of faith…

“God arranged this!” 

As we drive on, we acknowledge God’s hand on this meeting – and our responsibility to pray for them…

5 Responses to “A “Chance” Meeting on the Motorway – a Family Takes a Massive Step of Faith.”

  1. Jenny Blake Says:


    It was a wonderful event. God really planned this and we pray for Jovica and Kaca that God will greatly bless their work in Kraljevo.

    Please do keep us informed

    God bless

    Jenny Blake

  2. Dragan & Lou Hammersley-Gecan Says:

    We are delighted to be able to share that 15-20 people are attending Bible Study’s on Tuesday & Saturday evening in Jovica’s house! Leaflets have been distrubuted and Jovica is being asked to viist people in their homes! Lets continue to pray for the whole family!

    Love in Christ
    Dragan & Lou Hammersley-Gecan
    (Dragan is Jovica’s brother)

  3. James Pollock Says:

    I remember this well…no accident I think. What a great time we all had. I have to keep reminding myself that we were there to give as I feel that what I came back with was so huge I cannot find all the words.

  4. Earthquake in Central Serbia – Jovica & Kaca Request our Prayer « Oak Hall in Serbia Says:

    […] Jovica and Kaca moved to Kraljevo to begin to plant a church there this summer time…  (Click here to read more about their move)  They are safe but appreciate our […]

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