Journeying through Europe

It’s been a great day of getting to know each other as we have travelled across Europe. A coach filled with conversation, laughter and music punctuated by the famous Oak Hall hot chocolates…

Here are three of those on the coach:

This is Jillian who today begins her tenth journey with us to Serbia:

“For me, my trips to the Balkans with Oak Hall have truly transformed my life and drawn me closer to God. It’s difficult not to return bringing others so they too can have this experience!”

At the bottom of the coach stairs, Paul & Sara practice introducing each other in Serbian,

“Zdravo, ovo je moja supruga, Sara” – “Hello, this is my wife Sara”

“Ja sam iz juzne Amerike iz Peru-a” – “I am from South America, from Peru.”

Their accents sound excellent!

Paul: “This is something different. Not just ‘a holiday’. We pray that we will be a blessing to those we meet here. We want to return to let others know about the things we will see.”

The lights are off in the coach now. It’s surprising how well you can sleep on one of these massive Oak Hall machines!

Good night from us all!

YU66 Heads Towards the Balkans

This morning, with team coming from all over the UK, and Eire and as far afield as New Zealand and South Korea, the Oak Hall coach is on her way towards the Balkans.

79 of us are aboard our 18m long “home” for the next ten days.

Already there is a wonderful atmosphere as we pray for a time of God working in our own lives, His using us, an insight into the situation of the Church in this region and a time of God preparing us to serve Him more effectively when we return to our homes.

We are all very pleased that you, as you follow this blog, are a part of this journey too.